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We began as a ministry of prayer in           March of 2010 and soon were on the web as
  I've written many articles concernnig the word of God and e-mailed them to those who asked for them.
  I believe every word spoken by Christ is the Gospel of God.

  I have friends who partner with me in prayer for the those who are in need of God's help.

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  We have our faith in Christ; and in the writings of those who heard Him.

​ We strive to deliver the truth to our readers  with heartfelt love of God.

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Hi, I'm Brother George, I was called of God to preach His word.
I love the brethren in their different churches with their different customs but Christ called me to preach His truth; no compromise!

  What I say is meant to edify the body of Christ and is done with heartfelt love for God, the brethren, and lost souls
Al – Texas
Ann- Arkansas
Chris- Texas
Chuck- Arkansas
David- Arkansas
Debbie- Georgia
Dorothy- Arkansas
Deb- Oklahoma
Debra- Arkansas
Elida- Texas
George A.- Arkansas
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Jan- Arkansas
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Janet- Arkansas
Joel- Texas
Olivia Texas

My friends and partners in prayer:
Mike D- Arkansas
Mike L- Texas
Nelson- Arkansas
Richard- Texas
Rodney- Oklahoma
Santiago- Texas
Sue- Arkansas
Tammy- Arkansas
Teresa- Tennessee
Terry- Arkansas
Terry Jr- Arkansas

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