This website belongs to George James Jr.
We are faith based.Our desire is to encourage believers and bring hope to those who are lost.
We pray for peoples needs. We share the Gospel by word and song. Our group is of all walks of life,  washed by the blood of JesusChrist. We all have one thing in common here.
Faith in Jesus Christ and Him alone!
About Us
Just me! 

In God the Father, in God the Son,& God the Holy Spirit.  In the baptism of The Holy Spirit. I believe in Divine healing. JesusChrist the son of God was concieved of the Holy Spirit  born of the Virgin Mary. The sacrificial death of JesusChrist  atones for all sins,past present & future for them that believe. That  Christ was buried,and  raised Himself up again.  That He ascended to heaven & sits at the right hand of the Father interceding for us.  In His emminent return to earth. In the rapture of the Church. Forever to be with our Lord! .
I play Guitar ,sing,& write songs. These are my own songs & are copyrighted. Look in the  "Just Me" section. Please feel free to record them to your files if you have way to do that.  
Also I invite you to read the commentary, There will be different Bibical passages commented on about twice a month. Send me your questions or comments.
My Friends & Prayer Partners include,

Debra Tacker , Arkansas
Richard  ,Waxahachie TX.
Levan Hubbard, Hot Springs AR.
George  III, College Station TX.
Olivia , Lancaster TX
Steve  ,Florida
Louis , Lancaster TX.
Chris , The Woodlands TX.
Amy ,Fairview TN
Ruth , Bryan TX
Seferino , San Antonio TX.
John , Sealy TX.
Nelson Pocahontas AR.
Lupe , New York
Joel,Conde katy TX.
Fran , Benchly TX.  
Mary Jane ,Prarie grove AR.
Ron Miller, Memphis Tn.
Sue Morgan, 
Chuck Slabaugh,Marion AR. 
Tammy Reed  Pocahontas AR.
TC Lawmaster Oklahoma
G. Alphine Pocahontas AR
Margaret Ridgeway,Tomball TX
Emma Ridgeway,Tomball TX.
Tracy ,Pocahontas AR 
Cara, Pocahontas AR.
Deb, Oklahoma
Jaque, West Memphis AR
G. Taylor, Paragould AR
Tony , Pocahontas AR
Wendy, Pocahontas AR 
Cara Pocahontas AR
We pray for others as the Lord moves upon us, not all at the same time. In this way someone is likely praying at any given time .  We would love to have you join with us. 
Just let us know. 
We would like extend an invitation to any who have placed their faith in JesusChrist and care about promoting His goodwill & love, to join our group. God is working in the lives of those we pray for. It is bringing glory to God & blessing to his people. The only contribution we ask for is a little of your time for prayer. 
At your convenience. Bro. George                                          
I want to welcome our latest prayer partners.  Cara Shepherd,  to our prayer group. 
Thanks for helping to promote our Lords goodwill.  God bless.  Again I say Welcome!
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